Frabill Flow Troll Bait Container, 6-Quart, Yellow/White


CPP® 8 - qt. Turbo Troll Bait Bucket keeps bait fresher, longer.

This is all part of Operation Bait Bucket – a program that guards against disease in Ontario Lakes. Bait purchased from other lakes may carry the VHS strain – which is harmless to humans but can be deadly to fish.

The Frabill Min-O2-Life 4.25-Gallon Shrimp Shak Bait Bucket with Aerator comes equipped with a Frabill Aerator 1423 to keep your bait lively while you fish. A drop-in insulated liner allows for temperature control and easy cleaning, while a self-standing bait door provides easy access to your bait. The Cling-On Bait Screen allows shrimp to climb up and cling to the walls of the bucket so you can store more bait.

1. Empty a kilo or so of your chosen boilies into a bait bucket.

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Hot water and low oxygen level is a recipe for dead bait when it comes to your livewell. Raw Accessories came up with a bait bucket insulator, to keep you baits cool and healthy until it’s time to fish.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources conduct part of Operation Bait Bucket on Lake Simcoe on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014. (K.C. Colby / CTV Barrie)