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are a very common type of bait fish. There are many different types of herring and they can be found in fresh or salt water. While most herring are smaller, some can grow up to one and a half pounds. They are a common bait fish for many salt water species and they work well for fresh water .

are the most popular type of freshwater bait fish. Anglers love fathead minnows because so many fish eat them and they are fairly easy to keep alive. Fatheads also live long in the bait bucket without much care. In cooler weather, they can last days by just putting them in a minnow bucket and leaving them outside. Fatheads work well for , , and .

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Ballyhoo Bigeye Scad Round Scad Redtail Scad Atlantic Menhaden Scaled Sardine Atlantic Thread Herring Spanish Sardine Bay Anchovy

Just what makes a fish a baitfish? Basically, any fish need only be born to become one. At one time or another, a fisherman might use just about any species of fish as bait for some larger kind.

This page, however, will be concerned with sorting out the various species of small, silvery, usually schooled up, fishes that the Florida angling community seldom thinks of as anything except bait. Using that criterion, we have taken the liberty of lumping together under this heading several baitfishes that, scientifically, should be listed with different families, the Scads, for instance, which are Jacks. By the opposite token, this section does not include many species which, while routinely used for bait, are also widely sought for fun food. Among those must be counted not only such popular panfish as Grunts and Pinfish, but even a few highly regarded gamefish, like Mackerel and Bonito.

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are one of the top freshwater bait fish for targeting big game fish. There are times when creek chubs will out fish any other bait you can think of using. At other times, they will barely get bit, but when they do, you are probably going to be catching a big fish. Creek chubs are excellent for , , , and . They will also catch big and . Creek chubs can be found in many bait shops and you can catch them in shallow creeks and streams with a small piece of worm or corn.

Weight forward spinners are similar to standard jigs with spinner blades, however the difference in this case is that the weight is not directly attached to the hook. This allows more free movement of the hook, which should allow easier inhalation of the bait by the fish, and likely helps prevent snagging to some extent. This is a great rig for natural bait fishing and is excellent for casting, drifting and trolling. Definitely a great rig for targeting suspended fish.