A live bait pen floats next to the dock, ready for tomorrow’s action.

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Panfish Crappie Bluegill Live Bait Floats – the Gapen Bobber

Well that should offer enough information for you to tackle your local stillwater with deadbaits and float rigs. Don’t worry about hooking baits in the conventional way, with the head hanging down. The pike never seem to mind, to them a fish is a fish and they are rarely fussy.

Spro Dead Bait Float, part 2: The ‘Pike Blade Float’
In the last article I have explained how to use the Pike Cigar Float for dead bait ledger fishing. This time I want to tell you more about the ‘Pike Blade Float’. This float features a plastic flight on top and is available in 10, 15, 25 and 35g. It is a float that offers a lot of variety in weight so you can select the one that meets your way of fishing.

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be used as an everyday deadbait float, but it’s really designed for setting up where extreme sensitivity is called for. When fishing close to snags, for example, or where pike have been fished for a lot and drop baits very quickly, this f

Apart from looking good, the new Spro dead bait floats are of great quality too. They are made with FOAM material and can take a beating. The advantage of this material is that when you cast...