Largemouth Bass Bait - What Are the Best Baits For Largemouth Bass?

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Because of the drop shot’s design, you can work a soft plastic lure in one-spot for a very long time. With other lures, such as tube baits, shaky head worms, or jigs, shaking in-place is a bit more difficult without moving the lure.

You should try to use a drop shot bait that is on the smaller-side. Baits that are 3 to 5 inches in length are ideal. The reason a smaller lure is preferred is so you have a better chance of having the bass bite the hook-end of the lure. Since bed fish will often nip at baits, a longer worm of say, 7-inches, would be very troublesome. The bass will nip at the middle of the worm and never touch the hook.

“Jerk baits just catch bigger fish,” Cuevas and Hall said.

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Great drop shot baits for bed fishing include the and , and the . Colors honestly don’t matter as much when bed fishing, but in a follow-up bed lure guide, we’ll discuss the most effective for each lure.

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