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In discussing the advantages of Banjo Minnow lures over traditional or even natural baits, one has to take a lot of factors into consideration. Let’s first discuss the advantages of lures (artificial bait) over natural bait. There is a large variety of lures available, including jigs, spoons, plugs, plastic lures and spinner or swim bait.

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    The best thing to do is to read up on the type of fish you hope to catch and to ask some of the locals when is the peak time to catch them. Many fish are seasonal (such as salmon) and you have to catch them at just the right time in order to get any nibbles.

    You also have to understand that there are very different types of bait available to fisherman. There is insect bait as well as reptile or amphibian bait and fish bait. Minnow bait is one of the most popular types of bait, both natural and artificial in creation. Natural minnow fishing is sometimes discouraged because of the risk of contamination. However, artificial minnow fishing is quite popular—it has become the standard for many fishing tournaments.

    What are some types of fish known to be attracted to minnow bait? Some of the most notable types include bowfin, crappie, gar, perch, pickerel and rock boss. Chub, golden shiner, fathead minnow and blunt nose minnow are especially well-regarded because of their ability to attract northern pike fish, bass, pan fish and walleyes.

    Of course using live or dead minnow bait is not always the preference of fishermen and women. Therefore, many embrace the Banjo minnow fishing system. Fishing with Banjo involves using an artificial bait fish called the Banjo Minnow.

    This minnow is specially designed to look like a real fish and move like a real fish. With certain casting motions, this artificial minnow can create spastic movements which look to other fish like a waiting prey.

    If you want to improve your fishing abilities then consider using Banjo minnow lures. It’s healthier than using natural bait to you and the sea. Plus, it gets fast results!