However, are the best catfish baits a matter of fact oropinion?

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The best bait for mouse traps will always need to be adjusted based on your unique situation, but any of the options described above should be more than enough to get you started!

In other parts of the coastal fishing communities, baitfish vary. Menhaden, pork fish, greenies - all of these baitfish are used to catch as pinfish. As mentioned, pinfish that have been filleted or butterflied can make a really . The piece you use needs to be neat, clean cut, and flexible. It must look natural as it drifts long and flutters either free lined or under a float. There are many days where catches just as - at a substantial reduction in bait cost!! It is all in how you present the bait. Unnatural looking bait - ragged or spinning on the hook - just will not draw a strike for a trout. Mullet, pinfish, pigfish, ballyhoo - all of these can make good dead bait. One of the best dead baits I have used is a filet off the side of a lady fish. Cut even and trimmed thin, that silvery side flashes in the light and really draws some vicious strikes.

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    Trying to figure out exactly what is the best bait for mouse traps can be difficult, especially if you are not getting the results you wanted. However, using the insider information above – as well as some good old-fashioned common sense – you should have no trouble getting great results and .

    There’s a lot of travail in the world about catfish bait. In fact, it’s such a critical factor for Jeremy Leach, an accomplished catfish tournament angler from Madison, Indiana, that he frets more about the acquisition of the best catfish bait than locating the ideal catfish lair.