The World's Biggest Fishing Lure

Leland Lures 87660 Trout Slayer, 6-Pack, Crawdad


The biggest lure ever!!!POKEMON GO #2

Partridge said the lure will be up permanently, or until a new challenger approaches. However, if this happens, he won't hide his head in the sand. Instead, he plans on making an even bigger lure.

The kids had a ball with this area that had the World's biggest lure. This area of the resort also had bike rentals (2 free each day), a marina bar and grill, water sports area, boat rental and the famous parrott Marrianne.

BIGGEST Lure fail Commentary/Reaction

  • Have world's biggest fishing lure, will travel
  • Biggest Clockwork Lure - Blue Partyhat (9000M)

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