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The "Bubbler" is a wood lure, measuring 2-5/8" in length, has painted eyes, and two treble hooks. In the belly of the lure is a hole approximately 3/8" in diameter in which a special tablet called a "bleedlure tablet" was inserted. The tablet produced a"...bleeding, oozing action that more closely resembles live, wounded prey..." according to the lure's instruction pamphlet. A metal cover plate which is part of the front treble rig rotated over the hole to hold the pellet in. One used the plate to adjust the amount of 'bleeding', i.e., leave a small or large opening as desired. The instructions called for using 2 pellets at a time, stating that they would last from 20 to 35 minutes depending upon the opening of the gap. Bottom View

Check out Strikepro's latest, yep a bleeding lure. Jason Kennedy gives the lure a run on the reef and gets into some fish, nothing huge but does work. The idea is you put a tablet into the lure which dissolves as you troll behind. The only critism I would have is the hooks are a bit light and would upgrade if chasing bigger gamefish.
This new lure features a bleeding design, that's right the lure actually bleeds scent. Please see below regarding a review of the lure,

This lure has a ICS (Internal Scent Chamber) that is located under the gill of the lure. In this chamber a cartridge or tablet holds a Strike Pro Scent Cookie that slowly dissolves after contact with the water and whilst being trolled.

As the lure is retrieved a scent trail attracts fish to attack teh lure. The scent "bleed" is actually visual and can actually be seen when the lure is at rest. The ISC can be removed with the bundled tool or carefully by hand. Tool and scent cookies supplied with each lure, so well worth a look.

Strike Pro has proven that they are able to build lures with some excellant finishes as well as innovative designs. This New lure adds the added element of scent to a hard plastic body with the cleverly designed Trailer Scent. Will it incite a feeding frenzy? Needs more testing but worked well on the day so far,

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