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I have put together this collection of fifteen carp fishing bait recipes. I bought a whole collection of papers on carp fishing under the agreement that I would keep them to myself for a few years (so the owner could continue to sell them) and then after a period I was free to resell them myself. I don't really want to go through the trouble off selling them myself so I am currently putting them into ebooks and distributing them on a few different websites including a website dedicated to free ebooks for sports and fitness Sports Training Ebooks You can get more Carp fishing ebooks from the Free Carp Fishing Ebooks Recipe #1 Skillet Creek Carp Doughbait Formula Mix together 8 oz. Fine grated cheese and 2 pints plain flour. Add 5 drops oil of citronelle and enough warm water to knead into a stiff dough. Roll into balls about half inch through, or a bit larger. Place in the hot sun to dry. When fully dry, drop them into boiling water. Skim off when they float on top and again place in the sun again to dry out. This makes a good bait for carp. Recipe #2 Famous “Strawberry” Flavor Carp Dough Bait FormulaMix together one cup plain flour, two cups corn meal. Heat to boiling one pint water. Now turn the heat down so water only simmers. Place in water one tablespoon vanilla flavoring, two tablespoons sugar, one package strawberry gelatin. Be sure to stir all the time these are being added. Use a wooden spoon or paddle. Dip the flour and corn meal onto top of the water. As bubbles burst through add a little more of the dry (meal and flour) material, continuing until all the dry mixture has been absorbed. Keep stirring a full two minutes. Remove from fire. Roll into a lump. Wrap in aluminum foil and place in the refrigerator where it will keep cool but not freeze, until ready to go fishing. To use: pinch off pieces to mold around and over the hook. Small pieces on a small hooks works best in carp fishing. Recipe #3 Super Call Carp Dough Bait Formula Mix 1 cup Graham Flour with 1 cup Corn Meal. Add 2 tablespoons Cherry Oil, 2 tablespoons Red Cake Coloring. Now add enough warm water to make a thick dough by kneading well. This sweet ingredient appeals to the carp and the red color makes it easy for the carp to see. Pull off small pieces, roll into bait balls, dropping as you roll them into boiling water. When cooked, these baits will float. Skim off. Drop into cold water. Rinse off. Drain. Roll in corn meal to prevent sticking. Handy if packed into ½ pint jars. Be sure jars are kept cleaned. Recipe #4 Top Summer Special Carp Bait Formula Mix together 1 cup plain flour, 1 cup corn meal, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar. Now add 3 tablespoons strong Coffee and 2 tablespoons Caramel Cake Flavoring. Add warm water slowly, stirring then kneading into a stiff, tough dough. Can be fished at this stage and is a very good bait. Simple pull off the small pieces and roll into baits as you need them. Must be kept in a plastic bag sealed to keep it

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If you want a massively potent but super cheap particle bait for carp fishing this is the one: deer corn (maize), pigeon feed, barely, white millet, and hemp seed. This video walks you through how to combined, mix, soak and boil this particle bait. If you love carp fishing here in the US, this is a life saving recipe for an awesome carp fishing particle bait.
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Welcome to #CarpWeek! Let’s address carp fishing bait. It comes in as many flavors (and forms) as there are anglers. It is rare that two carp anglers sit down and agree on the best method or concoction for catching or other cyprinids. Every angler has his or her own individual secret when it comes to making carp bait. The end result is the carp decides what item or morsel it will consume and what it doesn’t want to swallow. We do know a thing or two about carp food preferences though.