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With a large number of shapes and sizes to accommodate virtually any product type from fishing lures to craft beads, fasteners to cell phone accessories, our stock plastic clamshells offer a custom packaging look and feel with short lead times and no tooling costs. Whether hanging on a peg or standing on a shelf, our clamshell packaging merchandises your product in the best possible light with superior hinge strength, tight seals, high clarity and eco-friendly options.

While some anglers will keep their soft plastic fishing baits in hard tackle storage boxes there really is a better way. There are numerous styles of soft side made specifically for keeping and organizing soft plastic lizards, plastic worms, tube baits, grubs and other soft plastic fishing lures.

'fly Fishing Lures Standard And Hair' Giclee Canvas Art

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  • Rose Kuli 1pcs 3.8″ New Small Multi Jointed 6 Jointed Fishing Life-like Hard Lure Minnow Bass Bait Swimbait Minnow Crank Shad Herring Bass Pike Muskie $8.98 Buy on Amazon
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Assortment Fly Fishing Hook Bait Fishing Lures Pack Of 90

Have you purchased any new fishing lures lately? Like crankbaits or ? As expensive as a Washington politician's false promise for crying out loud! So taking care of them is critical. One of the best ways is by using tackle storage boxes to organize and store your bass lures according to some of your own design.

The way to a fish's stomach is through his eyeballs, and fishing lures are objects that resemble any of the naturally occurring foods that fish might find attractive. The purpose of the lure is to use movement, color, and vibration to grab the fish's attention and cause him to bite the hook. Lures also seem to have the purpose of attracting the fishermen's attention. Sport fishing is now a huge business, with over $620 million spent on fishing lures in 1991.