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Lurh Jensen Krocodile Spoon, Chrome, 1 1/2-Ounce


Luhr Jensen Krocodile Lure (3/8oz)

Clear Creek Reservoir - The reservoir has provided good fishing for rainbow trout from both boat and shore. Anglers mostly caught 8- to 12-inch rainbow trout with the occasional 18- to 25-inch rainbow trout being landed too. Successful shore anglers caught trout on gold kastmasters. Trolling with a silver or gold kastmaster (1/4 oz) and red krocodile lure along the southern part of the reservoir has been very productive for trout. Kokanee salmon fishing has improved a bit but remains slow. Sometimes squids and dodgers work well for anglers targeting kokanee salmon. There have been a few anglers who have reported tiger musky following lures up to the boat but not taking the lure.

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Academy - Luhr-Jensen 1/4 oz. Krocodile Spoon Lure

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    his is one of the best ways to create a makeshift lure. All you need is a squashed penny, a swivel, a couple swivel holders, and a hook. The benefit of this lure is that it looks just like a Krocodile Lure, with similar action, and if the penny is shiny, then it’ll have similar action in the water as well. This lure is great for catching brown trout, rainbows and even bass. Great idea for all you survivalists out there!