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Dazi and Poppy lurecoursing THESE PHOTOS BY LAMPYPICS.

But this looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. ) Most likely because it was a CAT test. Since sighthounds can do regular lure coursing in AKC, the CAT is reserved for all breeds that are not sighthounds.... if that makes sense.

I took Kit lure coursing once. She had a blast, which wasn't very surprising. What I found hilarious was her style of chase. All the sighthounds were trying to catch the lure, then attacking it until they were satisfied that it was "killed". Kit was absolutely interested in chasing it, but not so interested in catching it - only controlling its movements. She was practically anticipating its next move as it bumped along the ground. When it stopped, she immediately lost interest - having successfully controlled the movement, she felt her job was done. Such a good little border collie.

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Dallas Air Dogs has 10 acres for Lure Coursing.

I love lurecoursing.... love love love it! Here's Kaylee running a course that was meant for sighthounds. We went to a LC trial and afterwards they let dogs of any breed do practice runs. Which, by the way, is another excellent opportunity to run non-sighthound breeds if the club allows it.

Squash is signed up for a lure coursing class, and today the outdoor field where it will be held had a little grand opening celebration with demos and other activities. I decided to go check the place out to see it and just get a feel for how they were going to run it before the first day of class.