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Rose Kuli 4.8" Life Like Hard Body Swim Multi Jointed Hard Fishing Lure Hook Size #6


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Here at All Fishing Lures I will be writing and supplying information on all things to do with lure fishing; hard bodies, soft plastics, jig heads, vibes, braid vs mono, kayaking, much more, and maybe even fly-fishing (although I might do a brand new separate site dedicated to fly fishing)

Now I’m not implying that large developed, business oriented fishing lures don’t perform. Not for your moment. A Few Things I am announcing would be that specialized fishing lures perform significantly better. And if you desire to be at the top of your game as the competitors angler. Conversely, even though you would like to out-species of fish your buddies that’s very important.

So, how come specialized fishing lures outfish size designed models?

this year’s lure fishing campaignunderway, so until next time

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