The Lure Tamer is a product that I have had my eyes on for a while.

LURE TAMER in three sizes, No More Exposed Hooks When Not In Use


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I received the Lure Tamer package and was instantly impressed with the different sizes of the bait holders. They assemble very easy and are very self explanatory. I have used multiple hook storage systems in the past including velcro material wraps and treble hook guards. The Lure Tamer system was with out a doubt the most effective.

The Lure Tamer is a product that I have had my eyes on for a while. I have been using the lure wraps that consist of a piece of material with Velcro around the edges. I have not been pleased with my current lure protection and was looking forward to testing out the Lure Tamer in my boat.

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LURE TAMER is the best lure guard ever created!

This isn't a piece of stitched canvas or a wimpy plastic wrap held together with Velcros. It is a tool designed to help control lures and protect fishing rods. It is made by precision injection molding of polypropylene plastic. Each one is hand assembled, UV and chemical resistant and will
last for many seasons. Made transparent so you know exactly what rig you are picking up.

CharkBait's Topwater Lures Toro Tamer Surface Series Lures Here we go with new magnum sized poppers folks have been asking us for the past couple years. These new lures are made from wood, aged and cured. All are properly made, thru-wired for strength and durability with a unique holographic finish that will get noticed. Four different styles, four different color patterns. And, at a value price given our control of production and distribution.