Lured to Love Mineralize Blush (Satin)

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Wearing Lured to Love on the cheeks

Another holiday collection is coming to town! MAC Divine Night (availability in Belgium: November 2nd) is a collection of mineralized products, and today I have Gilded Night Mineralize Eye Shadow and Lured to Love Mineralize Blush to share with you!

MAC Lured to Love Mineralize Blush is a soft peach coral. As I said, it is not shimmery. The finish has more of a satin sheen instead. It is very soft and finely-milled, which makes it highly blendable. The amazing thing is it is not so blendable that it blends to nothing, which is a problem I often encounter with extremely finely-milled blushes.

Lured to Love Mineralize Blush (Satin)

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  • Lured to Love swatched – described as a “coral pink base with frost”

    Lured to Love definitely stands a better chance working for fairer ladies. On my skin tone, it shows up enough, but I can’t build it up further. I would say that all in all, it is a lovely blush if you don’t mind the excess and slightly shorter wear time!

    ALTHOUGH LURED TO LOVE is described to have a “coral pink base with frost” do not let that scare you if you are not one for frosty blushes. The finish is satin, giving the skin a slight sheen, but it not frosty, so I find it particularly flattering when wearing a more matte finish foundation. Lured to Love builds very nicely for a Mineralized Blush, and blends very well. I actually expected to have to build it up quite a bit, but I was able to easily blend it onto the cheeks only dipping twice into the pan. The Mineralize Blushes can be quite messy, which of course comes with the territory, so this one does kick up quite a bit in the pan but that does not bother me. I love the shade of Lured to Love – it has a perfect blend of a soft coral with pink, so I think it is perfect to warm up and give a little color to the face when working with deeper smokey eyes for nighttime looks, or to wear easily during the day.