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Plastic Fishing Lures - China Fishing Tackle, Jerk Bait

An easy way to replace missing or add eyes to soft plastic fishing lures.

Adding or Replacing Eyes on Soft plastic Fishing Lures
Tools and Materials List

35-50lb Monofilament fishing Line
Gas lighter either cigarette or kitchen type
Small forceps
Black Marker
Cocktail stick or toothpick
These can be bought online from ebay or in sewing or hobby stores in small quantities for one of two dollars which will probably last the average fisherman a lifetime. For the larger part of the eyes I use holographic sequins and black for the Pupil. There are a vast range of sizes and types available. I have used yellow with black pupils on perch style soft plastics and sometimes domed sequins which give a 3d look. If you a prepared to go the extra mile adding a drop of five minute epoxy or uv cure really gives that professional look.

Here he takes you through every step of creating your very own soft plastic fishing lures using a a simple, but effective, paddletail design. We know it’s effective because he catches a nice northern pike on one of his plastics at the end of the video.

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