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Goture Soft Rubber Mouse Fishing Lures Baits Top Water Tackle Hooks Bass Bait(6 pieces with plastic box)


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Dyes, eyes & accents: The colour of rubber baits is easy to customize. Companies like Spike It! offer a range of dye shades, in flavours like garlic, crayfish or baitfish. You can dip tentacles or tails straight into the jar, or create more precise details, using marker pens.

Deep-running rubber: Those deeper shoals, rock ledges and weedlines all factor heavily in fall predator fishing. In many cases, heavy current and deep, open water hold fish, too. For getting rubber baits running through these zones, look at adding weight.

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7pcs Soft Plastic Rubber Bait Silicon Fishing Lures 70mm 3g
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I learned this tip from my friend Matt O’Brien, who fishes a ton of rubber baits, while filming the popular Slobland Flicks series of muskie videos all over Ontario. ‘Use the iron to carefully heat both sides of the tear in a well-ventilated area,’ he advises. ‘Press and hold both sides together for several seconds, and allow them to cool.’

Adjustable landing net Rubber Bait Catcher UNICAT.

Landing net with reinforcement rubber on the Head.
- Bulk: 82cm
- Handle lenght: 24cm
- Net depth: 29cm
- Mesh: 6mm
- Sections: 2