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Berkley GMI2-BS Gulp Minnow Bait, Black Shad, 2-1/2-Inch


Shad Swimbaits - Monster Fishing Tackle

• Joey Monteleone on head waters of Percy Priest: I caught largemouth, Kentucky and spotted bass, and crappie. Surface water temperatures are slipping into the 50s. Shad and bait fish are still tightly schooled. Bass are scattered. Crappie are tight to cover, especially in the last of the green weeds and submerged wood. Fish are being found in water as shallow as 3 feet and down to 15 feet. Secondary cover is holding bigger fish. Submerged trees, big rock, rip rap, long points and creek channels are likely to hold good numbers of fish. Cooler waters are producing many patterns. North winds are slowing down the bite, and the change of wind direction and water temperatures change the feeding moods. Several bait categories are producing. Lures that match shad and minnows are best. Shallower running square-billed crank baits (Strike King color Oyster No. 584 and 699 natural shad), white skirted 3/8-ounce spinner baits, jigs and soft plastics are working well. Colder, clearing waters will make it tougher to draw strikes from bass. The cure for this situation is a suspending jerk bait, clown color and a stop-and-go retrieve with a long pause. Try stop-and-go retrieves and bouncing baits off objects. The crappie bite is on fire. TWRA fish attractors in the major lakes and submerged wood are ideal for the crappie. Try tossing curly tail grubs and the smaller tubes on light line (4-6 pound test). Work close to cover with a slow retrieve and experiment with colors. The 0095 Monteleone silver tube or white/silver glitter are excellent for clear water. Catfish are eating night crawlers, live shad, chicken livers or commercial baits around heavy cover like log jams. The moon phase will be new on Nov. 29.

Present the Gizzard Shad Crankbait lure parallel to ledges and drop offs. Find fish either in the shallow zone (before the drop off), in the drop off zone or in the deep zone (after the drop off).

Shad Swimbaits are bass fishing lures used to mimic shad

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Bagley introduces the Balsa Shad for 2015. Made using the exclusive HCM manufacturing process, this shad shaped bait is precision balanced to cast easily, run true with tremendous vibration and prey on unsuspecting fish farther and deeper than ever before. The Balsa Shad is available in three sizes (5, 7 and 8) and in 18 new colors. True Innovation. Legendary Action.

Rusty's® Shad Baits are some of the most effective baits for monster catfish, massive stripers, trophy bass and any other gamefish that feed on live shad. Rusty's Shad Baits can be fished like a pork rind or rigged as a trailer on any bass lure. The new pressure pack eliminates odor, eliminates leakage and requires no refrigeration.