High Quality Fishing Luressoft bait luressoft baitsOEM ok

High Quality Fishing Luressoft bait luressoft baitsOEM ok

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The SwimZ, like many Z-Man lures, is made with ElaZtech, a space-age plastic that can withstand the abuse dished out by many speckled trout and redfish. While some soft plastic lures are literally ruined after catching just a few fish, it’s not uncommon for lures made with ElaZtech to catch dozens of fish before they need replacing.

While plenty of soft plastic lures are made to specifically target one species of fish, it’s no secret that anglers often successfully use those lures for other types of fish. It’s a little bit of serendipity for lure makers and anglers alike, and can often lead to claims of a “secret lure” catching all the fish.

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D.O.A. Lures has over 29 different types of soft plastic lures in over 60 colors. Freshwater or Saltwater, D.O.A. has a lure for every fish! The original D.O.A. 3" Shrimp, 2" shrimp, 4" Shrimp, 6" Shrimp, Bait Buster, Swimmin' Mullet, AirHead, C.A.L. Shad Tail, Curl Tail, Paddle Tail, D.O.A. 4" Jerk Bait, 5.5 Jerk Bait, Tough Guy, Terror Eyz, B.F.L. and Softshell Crab.

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With their vast availability and excellent durability, scented soft plastic lures are becoming quite popular for all types of fishing. You are able to send the same bait down multiple times and catch multiple fish, with almost know wear and tear; you get your monies worth! But, what do you do when you’re done fishing and don’t want to waste a perfectly good bait? Don’t just leave your baits on a hook, where they will try out and become nearly impossible to remove (destroying a jighead or hook in the process), preserve them instead!

Prero, who already knew his way around 3D modeling software, sat down with and developed three unique designs for soft lures that he uploaded to Shapeways for 3D printing.