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The Lure of the Moon (The Scripter Trilogy Book 1)

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Here we see a woman lost in a dream, called to the window by the lure of the Moon. She is still asleep, in a trance, and danger threatens that she is unable to see, eight swords awaiting her fall. However, there is light over the rooftop, dawn will soon be breaking and the Moon’s influence over her gone. This is a card of bondage, the control of outside influences, censorship and restrictions. Sometimes the restrictions are our own fears of what others are thinking and saying about us, how they see us. Sometimes we have to wake up and face our fears and they will lose their power.

Melinda Clark is a homemaker, nanny, and writing enthusiast whose avid love of storytelling prompted her to write short stories and poetry at a young age. After years of leaving her urge to write aside, she finally was able to bring her imaginative gift as a storyteller to fruition when she helped pen the novel The Lure of The Moon. She was born and raised just outside of Syracuse, New York and now resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband, Joe.

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    "Some people believe that it is the lure of the moon that compels the ocean's waves to swell. I believe that it's the ocean's dance that entices the moon's rays to shine upon it,”

    The authors, Melinda and Nicole, met in 2005 when the two learned that Nicole's husband and Melinda were actually long lost cousins. Without knowing it, the cousins had been born and raised not far from each other in upstate New York and had moved to the state of Georgia at approximately the same time. On August 1, 2009, after having just finished reading the Twilight saga and with their level of creativity at an all time high...Melinda and Nicole began sharing ideas about what the ultimate romance novel might be like and by the end of the night, on a piece of purple construction paper, they had created a character list and the basic outline of the plot for this book. What began on that simple piece of purple construction paper became The Lure of The Moon.