13 Of The Best Topwater Lures For Bass

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There you have it, 13 of the best topwater fishing lures for bass. Do you have a favorite topwater lure that we didn’t mention? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Another great lure to add to our list of the best topwater fishing lures for bass is the Rapala X-Rap Prop. This lure has a small minnow design with a single nose and tail prop. When this lure is retrieved the props spin in opposite directions creating a churning, spitting, and gurgling noise that bass simply can not resist. This lure can be retrieved, bringing it straight back to the boat, or it can be retrieved with a snap and pause action. An added feature, when making a pause with this lure the tail drops down making the hook up easier.

You will not be disappointed with the purchase of the Heddon Super Spook. The best way to use this lure is to make it wag back and forth, a technique known as “walking the dog”. Walking the dog is a great way to attract fish as it imitates a wounded bait fish. At first it may take some practice getting down the technique, but once you have learned it this lure has proven itself to be very effective in bringing in big bass. Couple the action with a small rattle that creates a deep knock and you are going to get the attention of some big fish.

The I-Jack is a wake bait. As its name implies it is designed to create a V wake as it is being retrieved. Unlike other wake baits that stay on the surface of the water, I-Jack is unique in that it is made to run right under the surface which creates a nice wake. Another added feature is its great sound chamber with one ball in the center. As this lure is retrieved it wobbles back and forth and makes a great knocking sound.

The Jitterbug has a double cupped lip on the front of the lure. This lips makes a great popping sound on the retrieve. It also gives it a side to side swimming motion that attracts bass. This is a favorite among many when it comes to topwater fishing lures as it has been effective in catching fish for so many years. Another reason many like using this lure is its simplicity. Simply cast and retrieve the lure, it’s really as easy as that. The Jitterbug is available in seven different colors.

Topwater lures for super skinny water

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    This is by far one of the best topwater lures for bass fishing on the market. Like most frog lures the hooks are not exposed making it a 100 % weedless lure, perfect for throwing it into slop and heavy weeded areas. The plastic used for the lure is perfect for catching bass under these conditions. It is sturdy enough to keep the hooks weedless, yet soft enough so when that big bass strikes you can set the hook. Another cool feature is the unique shape of the belly. While most frog lures have more of a rounded belly this one has a beveled shape which can make the technique of walking the dog much easier. It is available in 6 different colors. You simply cannot go wrong with choosing the BOOYAH PAD CRASHER.
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    The Lunkerhunt LF04 Lunker Frog is also a great topwater lure for bass. Like the Booyah Pad Crasher, it too is a weedless lure. The biggest difference you will find between the two is the size and the look. The Lunker Frog is a little bigger with a round belly. As far as the look goes, when designing this lures they did everything possible to make it look and act like a real frog. First, it looks exactly like a frog you would find on a lake. Next, when you cast it into the water it doesn’t sit on top of the water like most other topwater frogs, but it sits down more into the water, just the head and eyes are exposed, much like a frog. The Lunker frog also has natural looking legs that will extend and retract on the retrieve.

    One of the things that makes a topwater lure so effective is its ability to disrupt the surface of the water. This disturbance if done correctly, can turn an inactive fish into attack mode. While there are many different styles of buzzbaits, the Booyah Buzz is unique in that it has a “clacker” attached alongside the buzzbait blade. This clacker connects with the buzzbait’s blade and creates an audible click on every revolution. Thus creating the maximum surface disruption, perfect for getting the fish’s attention.