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Meticulously fine-tuned for the ultimate performance, Trigger X soft baits portray a mesmerizing action through the water. Immersed in Ultrabite Pheromones, each bait features a ribbed surface area that creates a softer, lifelike feel while increasing lure surface area, which allows for increased pheromone distribution.

Unlike some soft baits on the market, the Trigger X soft baits are big on action, tempting finicky fish’s visual senses in addition to their noses. While big on action, the baits also stay on the hook extremely well compared to similar soft baits, particularly on jigheads with a ring shank-style keeper.

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    More effective and less trouble than live bait, Trigger X baits are constructed of a special proprietary bio degradable material, and impregnated with Ultrabite Pheromones. Pheromones naturally attrac...
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    Designed to mimic natural forage shapes, Trigger X baits are available in a wide range of fish catching colors to suit every angling situation. Many feature a translucent effect for a natural appearance. All Trigger X baits feature a ribbed body design for more life-like movement and natural swimming action, as well as an increased dispersion of scent and pheromones into the water due to increased surface area.

    Trigger X baits are made from a special proprietary biodegradable material, a new Advanced Biodegradable Polymer construction. Due to it’s extremely supple action, Trigger X is able to be fished all year long, whether it’s in the dead of summer or winter, allowing anglers to quickly and easily adapt to a multitude of angling scenarios. Trigger X baits come sealed in unique form-fitting trays filled with the Trigger X serum to retain their shape and maintain pheromone saturation, and are made from an environmentally-friendly material that is biodegradable.