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Lure Fishing - Catching whiting on lures - Jarvis Walker

Check Out Your Options – When catching whiting on lures, there are many great options. Browse our soft plastics, poppers, and metallic whiting lure options for plenty of choice. Top brands of whiting fishing lure include Storm lures, Rebel Pop R, Halco, Squidgy, and Berkley.

Lure Fishing for Whiting – Being able to catch whiting on lures is something that any angler can aspire to, so long as they have the patience to fish for this niche little species. Click on the live chat button and let our angling experts help find the best whiting lure for you if you need further assistance or get in touch with our fishing tackle staff team by giving us a call during A.E.S.T business hours.

Lure Fishing - Catching whiting on lures

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    Affordable Lures for Whiting – During the warmer months, whiting fishing is popular for anglers because of how affordable it can be. For only a modest cost, you can buy some extremely effective whiting lures. Whiting will bite at pretty much anything, given their aggressive nature but the biggest craze has been surface fishing for sand whiting with poppers over sand flats in rivers and lakes. Clear colours have been a particular hit and with a constant retrieve it is like mimicking a fleeing prawn on the surface. If fishing for King George whiting offshore some of the popular picks have been small wriggler style soft plastic lures, in particular the bloodworm colour.

    When most people think of fishing for summer whiting, bait is what comes to mind, and for good reason. Traditionally the best, or most practiced way to catch whiting in estuaries or on the beach was by using the humble yet effective nibble tip rod and live worm or yabby baits. Over the last decade the odd whiting has turned up on a lure, but this has often been written off as a fluke or unexpected by-catch. However, catching whiting on lures does not need to be a fluke. There are several key tactics and techniques a keen angler can employ to dramatically increase their chances of not landing just one, but many whiting using hard bodied lures. By the end of this article, I hope that you no longer view these exceptional sports fish as a purely bait target, or if you are already targeting whiting on lures have been given a few more strategies!