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Spoons are very popular winter walleye lures because they excel at fooling hard-water ‘eyes. Spoons are easy to fish with a vertical presentation by simply lifting the lure and letting it flutter back towards bottom. Usually, it’s a good idea to tip the spoon with a minnow head. I have personally caught more winter walleyes on a Swedish Pimple () than any other winter walleye lure. Because of the triangular-shaped body, the Swedish Pimple has a seductive flutter that triggers winter walleyes to eat. The Swedish Pimple works especially well when fishing deeper water or where you have current to contend with. My favorite sizes for normal conditions are the No. 6 or 7 sizes, but I’ve used the No. 8 and 9 sizes in rivers with strong current. My favorite color is the chrome/silver with a strip of pearl glow tape.

One other must-have winter walleye lure is at the other end of the spectrum, the lead-head jig. Whereas the lipless crankbait is noisy and flashy, the lead-head jig tipped with a minnow is passive, unobtrusive and perfect for walleyes that might be attracted by a flashy spoon or a loud crankbait, but want something more subtle.

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    Winter largemouth bass can be picky about what they strike. There are two theories about winter lure selection: go big or go small. The theory behind larger lures is that winter bass won’t waste energy trying to eat small fish. Conversely, those that support small lures say that bass strike small fish as it takes little energy to catch and swallow the small fish. A good rule of thumb is to simply change between large and small lures when winter largemouth bass fishing and see which works best. Winter water is often clear, so regardless of size you should use lures in natural colors with realistic patterns.

    Snip, snip. Off with the spinnerbait and on with a . Your buddy, after some more casts in vein, ties on a very small, greenish colored shallow diving . You laugh to yourself at the sight of this lure. It goes against your rules of winter lures. He casts parallel to the weed line.