How to work different lures for Stripers and Bluefish

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Understanding Why Glowing Fishing Lures Work

These baits are easy to work. Simply cast out and reel it in on a steady retrieve. The lure’s metallic tail spins as you pull it through the water. This prop appendage creates a plopping sound and leaves a wake on the surface. The steady rhythm and straight path make it easy for pike to hone in on. A word of advice when working these lures: don’t retrieve them too quickly. The best tempo is often a pace just fast enough for the blades to be continuously turning.

There is some good information on the package to take note of. It has a reminder to visit the Flip in The Birds website for instructions on how to trim your bird’s wings as well as some tips on where and how to work this lure.

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  • Cast your lure and let it remain still while the line starts to sink. Do nothing for several seconds, then slowly start to work the lure beneath the surface by making short retrieval reels, then letting it sink back down.
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    Biggest problem with buying this lure is that it takes forever to get it. Demand was so high, manufacturing could not keep up. Read a lot of reviews and most say they didn't catch fish. Well, you have to be in waters where there are fish. You can't catch fish in a swimming pool. You have to work the lure like any other lure, don't expect it to catch the fish by its self.

    Grass beds thin out in the fall and early winter months, but if you can find isolated clumps, you'll find bass. A lipless crankbait like the is an effective tool for covering water fast, but also allows you to slow down around pockets and clumps. Making contact with the grass and ripping the crankbait free is a surefire way to get bit. Elite Series pro Dennis Tietje walks us through this pattern, specifically what to look for in weed clumps this time of year and how to work the lure and rod to fish clean and trigger bites.